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The word of Yahweh+“Yahweh” is God’s proper Name, sometimes rendered “LORD” (all caps) in other translations. that came to Micah the Morashtite in the days of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, which he saw concerning Samaria and Jerusalem. Hear, you peoples, all of you. For, behold,+“Behold,” from “הִנֵּה”, means look at, take notice, observe, see, or gaze at. It is often used as an interjection. Yahweh comes out of his place, The mountains melt under him, “All this is for the disobedience of Jacob, Therefore I will make Samaria like a rubble heap of the field, All her idols will be beaten to pieces, For this I will lament and wail; For her wounds are incurable; 10 Don’t tell it in Gath. 11 Pass on, inhabitant of Shaphir, in nakedness and shame. 12 For the inhabitant of Maroth waits anxiously for good, 13 Harness the chariot to the swift steed, inhabitant of Lachish. 14 Therefore you will give a parting gift to Moresheth Gath. 15 I will yet bring to you, inhabitant of Mareshah. 16 Shave your heads,