Habakkuk 2

Habakkuk 3 (WEB)

Zephaniah 1


A prayer of Habakkuk, the prophet, set to victorious music. Yahweh, I have heard of your fame. God came from Teman, His splendor is like the sunrise. Plague went before him, He stood, and shook the earth. I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction. Was Yahweh displeased with the rivers? You uncovered your bow. 10 The mountains saw you, and were afraid. 11 The sun and moon stood still in the sky, 12 You marched through the land in wrath. 13 You went out for the salvation of your people, 14 You pierced the heads of his warriors with their own spears. 15 You trampled the sea with your horses, 16 I heard, and my body trembled. 17 For though the fig tree doesn’t flourish, 18 yet I will rejoice in Yahweh. 19 Yahweh, the Lord+The word translated “Lord” is “Adonai.” , is my strength.